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Sustainable Solutions

Many products which are marketed as 'eco-friendly' or ‘sustainable’ are not always gentle on the environment. In some cases, the product might be eco-friendly while the packaging is not. Many companies thus “greenwash” their offerings to maximise profit without making a sincere attempt to strive for a cleaner and greener world. Here at Avani, we believe there is no grey area - we are fully committed to deliver the most economical, best in class, eco-friendly solutions with ZERO tolerance for petroleum-based plastic in order to save our planet from the ongoing plastic epidemic.

Packaging with principles

As a one-stop-shop for eco-friendly solutions, Avani’s products range from disposable cups, bowls and cutlery to shopping bags and even raincoats which are biodegradable, compostable and made from 100% renewable resources. They also bear the rare distinction of being manufactured from the only bioplastic that is recyclable with paper. Being edible, our solutions are also uniquely animal-friendly which means discarded products can be safely consumed by land or marine creatures, including humans!

Our technology provides solutions for the future

Avani products are suitable for both homes and offices. Explore our range of eco-friendly offerings to find the most sustainable solution for your needs.


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